Quarterly Report – April to June 2018
The following is a summary of the main activities of the Estate Committee over the last 3 months.
The committee were delighted to receive so much interest from Covenantors willing to join the committee around the time of the AGM. Peter Strike and Mark Nicholson kindly volunteered before the AGM and were duly elected. In addition, following the AGM, another 4 Covenantors expressed interest and have since been ‘co-opted’ by the committee and will be formally elected at the 2019 AGM.
This more than covers those committee members who recently stepped down after many years of service and increases the committee to 17 members.
The number of planning applications submitted to the committee so far this year has been markedly down on previous years. There is no obvious explanation for this although it has given the committee a chance to catch up on a few items (such as outstanding completion certificates) and to consider how to improve the amenity of the common land which the committee is also responsible for.
The committee decided to have a pine tree removed on the common as it showed signs of damage and as such was potentially dangerous. In addition, a number of smaller tasks have been undertaken by committee members to try and improve the area. There is still a lot of work to do but hopefully people will start to notice improvements during the summer which can then be built upon over the coming years.
As the committee hold personal data on residents, a review of how this is held and who has access to it has been carried out to ensure compliance with the new GDPR legislation. As a result, a privacy statement will be written and uploaded to the Painshawfield website shortly.
Work has also been done on producing a new welcome booklet which will provide good information to new residents and explain the planning process. It is normal for a committee member to contact new residents to welcome them to the Estate. This will continue and along with the information booklet, a copy of Four Valuable Farms will also be given free of charge. Bob Browell’s 1995 book provides a fascinating insight to the Painshawfield Estate which the committee hope will be of interest to new Covenantors.
If you have any comments about the Estate or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Ian Brown, Estate Secretary.

Painshawfield Estate Committee