Lane End 3 SLHS Photo 253 - Meadowfield Road SLHS Photo 255 - Meadowfield Road SLHS Photo 257 - woman,boy &pony - Painshawfield Estate c1910 SLHS Photo 270 - batt house 1915 SLHS Photo 272 - batt house haymaking SLHS Photo 452 - batt house - Mr Todd on left SLHS Photo 453 - batt house - Mr Todd's mother 1900 SLHS Photo 454 - batt house Mr Todd with trap SLHS Photo 455- batt houseWell-road

This is a small selection of photographs of the Estate which we have authorisation to use, we look forward to adding to this in the future. If you have any old photographs of the Estate and would allow them to be on the website please get in touch with the secretary to arrange this