Meadowfield Road from Painshawfield Road crossroads – common land on right pre 1910

Looking up Meadowfield Road circa 1910

Looking down field in Meadowfield Road – houses St Annes then Locksley pre 1957

Meadowfield Road with Painshawfield Road above pre St John’s Church

“Glenview” 1915

“Ratchwood” built 1906 from Well Road end of common

Painshawfield House and Traill’s Cottages

“Beech Hurst” far south end of Painshawfield Road  past Traill’s Cottages 1985

Traill’s Cottages

Traill’s Cottages with Well Road dropping off to the left

Harforth Lodge Painshawfield Road pre 1913

Meadowfield Road from crossroads pre 1914

“Burnside”, “Beech Hurst” and “Hill Crest” on Painshawfield Road above Well Road

Lane End Meadowfield Road

The One Hundred and Fifty Steps (Scaur Steps) Woodlands on left

The Scaur from Ridley Mill showing Woodlands right and Eden House centre

Eden Cottages

Eden House at foot of the Scaur steps

Eden House from opposite Eden cottages