Policy on Minor Deviations

P3 certificates are issued to confirm that building work has been completed in accordance with approval granted by the Estate Committee.

The Estate Committee does not give retrospective approval for building works undertaken without full application to and prior approval by the committee. This approval is given by the granting of a P2 certificate.

The committee deems building works to remain in progress until such time as application is first made for a P3 and that certificate is either granted or refused.

Where a deviation from the approved plans does occur, it is advisable to inform the Estate Committee as soon as possible to request assistance.

The committee may consider an application to deviate from approved plans as a new application and may consult neighbours potentially affected by such changes.

In the event of any deviation or other building work undertaken without prior approval, the Estate Committee may:

(1) Issue a P3 if it is of the view the deviations are such that they would certainly have been approved had they been included in the original application, or

(2) Refuse to grant a P3, or

(3) Refuse to grant a P3 and take legal action to secure compliance with the approved plans and the provisions of the Deed of Mutual Covenants.