Rather than continue in this update with the retrospective of the Estate Committee minutes I thought I would address some matters of wider general interest discussed at the last committee meeting. It was raised that apparently, those who view Stocksfield Matters on Facebook occasionally link to the committee’s website. The website has shown to be a great source of information not only for those wishing to carry out modifications to their property but also contains interesting historical documents relating to the Painshawfield Estate.

Having now received the collection of photos of Stocksfield in times past so kindly donated by Alan and Rosina Brown we shall be uploading them on a regular basis in the coming months. The photographs generally attract comments relating them to current views – any comments anyone cares to make will be gratefully received.

We were interested to come across some telegram negotiations from 1904 whereby a local committee – of farmers rather than the estate committee members – sought to hire a wolf hunter to kill a wolf thought to pose a threat in the area. Terms could not be agreed because the Hexham based hunter insisted on the right to retain the body of the said wolf and the committee felt this was their prerogative. We can but hope the progeny do not still roam abroad.