Chairmans News – 10th March 2015

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Since 1895 the Estate Committee have only been able to communicate matters of general interest to covenantors by letter or at meetings. Those days are gone.

At the AGM of 10th March 2015 the Estate Committee was re-elected on a very clear policy:

1. All applications to increase the density of housing on the estate by the sub-division of existing plots or otherwise will be considered on their merits and in particular whether approval would be detrimental to the character and amenity of the estate1.

2. The committee shall continue to regulate extensions to, or demolition and replacement of, existing properties on the estate by applying the Mandatory Criteria and the Discretionary Criteria.

1 That the majority covenantors have repeatedly and expressly stated that they are opposed to any appreciable increase in density of housing on the estate on the grounds that an increase in density of housing is likely to be detrimental to the character and amenity of the estate is a factor that will carry very considerable weight with the committee in determining such applications.

The election means that the property owners ( commonly referred to as “covenantors”) have determined that they wish to continue to control their own environment as opposed to ceding control to the Planning Department of Northumberland County Council.

This decision is hardly surprising. If the owners retain control of development they can maintain the estate as an area of low density housing and thereby maintain its unique character. There can be no misunderstanding here: density, that is the number of houses, is the factor that is determinative of the character of the estate. If the current density of housing on the estate […]

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Welcome to the website of the Painshawfield, Batt House and Birches Nook Estate. We hope you will find the website both helpful and interesting as we have included some of the history of the Estate, background information and details of the work of the Estate Committee.

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